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"Unhooking," Defined

Excerpted from Games Divorced People Play, by Dr. Melvyn A. Berke and Joanne B. Grant.

"Unhooking is giving up an emotional and romantic attachment to a person as well as to a relationship. This is a difficult and lengthy process, lasting from one to three years. However, the bulk of the work is accomplished within the first six to ten months following the separation.

"Hooked refers to holding onto an attachment despite the fact that in the now, the relationship no longer meets the emotional needs of either party....

"Marital attachment takes approximately two years to develop and is the binding together with another that gives rise to feelings of safety, comfort and at homeness when the other is present, or felt accessible. These feelings persist even when both parties view the marriage as over....

"Detaching from the marital system can be as difficult as detaching from a spouse. The marital system was as much a part of your life as your spouse. A year or two after the divorce you may only faintly miss the person, yet long for the ordered predictability that characterized the marriage."


Stages of unhooking

  1. Surprise

  2. Disbelief

  3. Hurt and Abandonment

  4. Guilt and Embarrassment

  5. Anger

  6. Resentment

  7. Grief and Mourning

  8. Resolution

"You are unhooked when you can see, hear or interact with your ex without feeling bad."


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