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Have you ever cheated on someone?

▪  Yes


▪  No


Have you ever been cheated on?

▪  Yes


▪  No



Would you be unfaithful if you knew your partner would never find out?

▪  Yes


▪  No


Husbands who admit to cheating on a spouse

▪  Reported in Men's Health Best Life, 2003

1 in 20 (5%)


Wives who admit to cheating on a spouse

▪  Reported in Men's Health Best Life, 2003

1 in 22 (4.55%)

▪  Reported in Oprah Magazine, 2004



Number of guys who take off their wedding rings when they go out without their wives

▪  1 in 3


Percentage of cheating men who get caught

▪  80%


Percentage of couple who preserve their marriage after an affair

▪  64%


Of those couples who remain married despite an affair, what percentage later describe the marriage as unhappy or empty?

▪  78%


Footnote 1: "Dr. Phil: The Love Survey," O: The Oprah Magazine, February 2004, Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D., page 34 — source: 37,000 responders to,, O magazine survey.

Footnote 2: "Anatomy of an Affair," Men's Health: Best Life, Spring/Summer 2003, Laurence Roy Stains, page 78 — source: "Secret-Sex Stats," citing Anthony DeLorenzo, author of 28 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Spouse and president of; the study The Impact of Extramarital Relationships on the Continuation of Marriage; and the book Just Married.

Footnote 3: "Looking for Love? Uh-Uh," O: The Oprah Magazine, October 2004, Alexa Joy Sherman, pages 266-268 — source: "Sex by the Numbers," citing "American Sexual Behavior: Trends, Socio-Demographic Differences and Risk Behavior" (National Opinion Research Center); The Social Organization of Sexuality; Journal of Sex Research (February 2001); American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; Adult Video News; NIH; IMS Health; AARP / Modern Maturity Sexuality Study.


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