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Sexually transmitted diseases (Michigan)






Annual averages 1993-1999*

Cases reported 2000

▪  Chlamydia



▪  Gonorrhea



▪  Syphilis




Washtenaw County

▪  Chlamydia



▪  Gonorrhea



▪  Syphilis



*Chlamydia cases for 1993 were reported only for a partial year.    

AIDS / HIV in Michigan

▪  14,802 deaths annually (1999)

▪  20,550 cases annually (January - June 2000)

▪  180,000 hospital discharges for patients with HIV diagnosis (1999)


Footnote 1: Source: Michigan Sexually Transmitted Diseases Database, Sexually Transmitted Disease Section, Division of HIV/AIDS-STD, Michigan Department of Community Health; Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Community Health.

Footnote 2: National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 49, No. 8, National Center for Health Statistics, Center for Disease Control.

Footnote 3: Health, United States: 2001, National Center for Health Statistics, Center for Disease Control.


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